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Het fietsteam Orida van Politiezone Antwerpen bestaat 20 jaar.

TV Show Reel

No time to watch every trailer? Get an impression of our goodies in one exhilarating vid. Check it out. 

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Veterinary Doctors 24/7

For Veterinary Doctors 24/7 cameras were installed in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ghent. The result was a special mix of humorous, exciting and emotional stories in which we can look into the scenes of the best faculty of veterinary medicine in the world.

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Children’s Hospital 24/7

Children’s Hospital 24/7 tells the stories of twenty-six patients and their parents during their stay in the Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital of UZ Gent. We filmed with fixed cameras but we also gave the children a camera with which they could tell their own story. 

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Peking express

In Peking Express the couples have to survive with just one euro a day and have to get to their next destination as quickly as possible. They hitch hike through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and rely on the hospitality of the population for finding accommodation and food. The duo that reaches the finish line last must go home. The duo that manages to avoid the eliminations until the end wins a cash prize.

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Electrifying creativity to the beat of drums, announcing the next level in digital branded content. 

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The Coast is Clear

The Coast is Clear is a documentary series in which various emergency services are followed: the beach rescuers, sea rescue services, the local police, the general medical workers, the navy and the Koksijde military air force base. Every summer all these services operate together to ensure that tourists can enjoy their holiday on the Belgian coast in peace. 

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