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In 1928 Felix the Cat was one of the very first images to be broadcasted on television. A landmark. And we like to think that the next landmark in our history was 1993. That’s when our MD started working for TV. We joined the ranks of one of the first and foremost production companies in our little draft hole called Belgium. Producing documentary series, the first reality tv series, the first internationally acclaimed formats and dazzling shiny floor shows that made your grandma shake her booty. All with great success. Well, almost all, but if it wasn’t succesful it taught us a lot. Yep, that’s right, we’ve been around. This bunch is over 25 years in the making and that means tons of experience. It’s craftsmanship that shows. So go ahead and watch some of these clips to see for yourself. Or – if you prefer the boring, formal details – go check out our ‘about us’ section. Cause nowadays it’s all ‘on demand’.

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