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Veterinary Doctors 24/7

For Veterinary Doctors 24/7 cameras were installed in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ghent. The result was a special mix of humorous, exciting and emotional stories in which we can look into the scenes of the best faculty of veterinary medicine in the world.

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Children’s Hospital 24/7

Children’s Hospital 24/7 tells the stories of twenty-six patients and their parents during their stay in the Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital of UZ Gent. We filmed with fixed cameras but we also gave the children a camera with which they could tell their own story. 

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Police 24/7

Police 24/7 brings a truthful representation of the work of Local Police Antwerp. For three months, filming was done day and night at the various services of the corps and for the very first time, cameras were allowed in the telecom command room. This is the nerve center of the Antwerp police, from which all interventions are controlled. 

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ER 24/7

ER 24/7 brings an unique look behind the scenes of the Leuven / Ghent hospital emergency service. For six weeks, filming was done day and night with sixty permanently installed cameras. For the first time in Flanders, this new shooting style was used to film penetrating, haunting and often funny stories of patients. The documentary series shows how a committed team of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff help people in need. ER 24/7 brings stories about life and death, a smile and a tear, love and happiness.