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In the beginning there was TV. And the 100.000Volts team was there, in that golden age of television. We produced and still produce content across all genres, for all the major broadcasters and for many different target groups. We know how to relate, captivate and engage audiences. So in the age of digital transformation we kept our oldskool cool and just extended our reach. Cause whether it’s on a small or a big screen, on social media, a streaming service or digital platform, whether it’s one minute or onehunderdtwenty minutes, it all comes down to the same.


So that’s our secret sauce. We apply proven storytelling techniques to create flexible content that fully exploits the potential of all the 21th century digital platforms. True 360° content, custom made to serve your need. So if you’ve got something to say, a story to tell. Get in touch. Cause papa’s got a brand new bag.

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